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Welcome to the Number Six Webcasting centre.

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What is a Webcast?

A webcast is basically a transmission of audio and video over the internet. Video cameras at our meetings capture the live information and send it to a central server, which in turn sends it to anyone that would like to view the meeting. Through the use of your internet connection (either broadband or via a dial-up modem) and Windows Media Player you can view the meetings live from the comfort of your own home or meeting room.

Wolveridge Limited t/a No. 6 is not responsible for the content of these webcasts, and does not make any representations or give any warranties in respect of the accuracy or suitability of any information in the webcasts and related materials. Wolveridge Limited t/a No. 6 does not create, contribute to or endorse the content of the webcasts; nor does it guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the webcasts themselves or the information provided in the webcasts; all such webcasts are provided “as is”. Consequently, Wolveridge Limited t/a No. 6 does accept any liability for any loss you may suffer, direct or otherwise, in use of or reliance on the webcasts.